church choir

  • Hymns for the Weekend Services

    Friday 9:30 & Sunday 8:00 Service

    Opening Hymn No.227- ‘God of mercy , God of grace…’

    Gradual Hymn 157 �?Faithful vigil ended…’

    Offertory Hymn 80 �?Born in the night…’

    Communion: 548 

    The Power of your love 

    1. Lord I come to you; Let my heart be changed, renewed

    Flowing from the grace; That I’ve found in You.

    And Lord I’ve come to know; The weaknesses I see in me

    Will be stripped away; By the power of Your love.

    Chorus: Hold me close, Let your love surround me

    Bring me near; Draw me to your side.

    And as I wait; I’ll rise up like the eagle; And I will soar with You

    Your Spirit leads me on; In the power of Your love.

    1. Lord unveil my eyes; Let me see You face to face

    The knowledge of Your love; As You live in me.

    Lord renew my mind; As Your will unfolds in my life

    In living every day; by the power of Your love.

    Hymn 42 �?Ascribe greatness’

    Closing Hymn 437 �?Lord the light of your love is shining (Shine Jesus Shine )…’