About us

  • Believing in God’s Word and Spirit

    We hope you enjoy looking around our Church website and that whether you are a member or a visitor you will find the information here helpful. Holy Trinity Church is part of the Chaplaincy of Dubai and Sharjah with the Northern Emirates – a unique communion of Inter-Denominational Christians and those originating from other mainline Protestant churches from around the world, associated with the Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf, in the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East. For over forty five years Holy Trinity has borne witness to the presence and vitality of Christianity in the Emirate of Dubai. The Church building is both beautiful and memorable and offers stimulation, comfort and shelter to the many people who visit it and worship within it. As the community for whom it is home we are called to be ambassadors for Christ in our deeds and in our lives. All our churches are built on land generously given by the rulers of the UAE as a result of dialogue with early Protestant Christians here. The cordial relationships between Christians and the rulers continue to this day.

    Holy Trinity also supports over a hundred Guest Congregations, made up of expatriate Christians from all around the world who worship God in many tongues, styles of devotion and expressions of faith in the premises and facilities we provide. The Pastors and Elders of these congregations work in partnership and unity with us, and the collective body of Christians who worship at Holy Trinity amounts to some 30,000 or more people. The main aim of our Chaplaincy is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ afresh to a world gripped by conflicts, violence, financial crises, and unprecedented environmental catastrophes we had never seen before in such a short duration of time. In full appreciation of the enormity of these changes in the world, we seek to: equip ourselves to live meaningfully; to engage in dialogue with the world around us, our neighbours and ourselves; and, to pray for and work together with our rulers, leaders and authorities to seek strategies and sustainable solutions to better the lives of all peoples with whom we share a common future as global citizens. This website is the gateway for you to see and support our activities. We hope you will be encouraged by what you find here and that if you are able you will visit us in person.