• We are a place of quiet prayer for the many who drop in, and a place of worship for the Protestant Christian Community in the city and around. We volunteer to help the poor and needy in the best ways we can.

    Welcome to a place where we are listening to and striving to amplify the voices and the songs of young people, focusing on youths aged between 13 and 21. And meets every Friday (11 AM – 12:30 PM).The Youth Ministry program of the Holy Trinity Church in Dubai provides and supports resources, information, networking, and programs for people who serve in ministries with youth and young adults. The HTC Youth Organization carries special emphases in leadership development, faith formation, and service learning.

    Our Vision – We are ladies from The Holy Trinity Church Dubai serving the Lord by participating in church activities and reaching out to help those who are in need.  Our aim is to bring glory to God.

    “God is within her and she will not fall”. Psalm 46:5
    “Whatever you do, do it for the glory of God”. 1 Corinthians 10:31

    Our aim is to bring children closer to God by showing them the way to eternal happiness that is to know, love and serve God. All the children are welcome to come and join in our FRIDAY JUNIOR CHURCH. We meet at 11.15am in Hall E2. We know you will have fun whilst learning about the Bible and how amazing Jesus was and still is!! Hope to see you join us. For info contact Mrs Sarala David 0509456572.

    The Junior Church children also enjoy two outings a year. We take them to the parks where they can freely express themselves with nature. We can actually see them enjoying themselves in the pictures.

    We are very thankful to the chaplaincy office for their support and encouragement.