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We welcome the opportunity we have been given to marry adults within the chaplaincy and to help them through procedures that are often complicated because we have to comply with the laws of their own, as well as those of the UAE. We believe that marriage is a gift of God and is one of the most important steps we can take in our lives. We want your wedding day to be a special time and are happy to offer any help or advice that we can give.

For wedding enquires, please visit our chaplaincy office or call on +971 4 3352481. Email :

We are only authorized to perform wedding in the chaplaincy compounds but a second thanksgiving service may take place elsewhere as appropriate.


To those wishing to be married in the Holy Trinity Church, Dubai.

Such adults have to be aged 18 or over, be non-Muslims and be free to marry.

You will be asked to provide a number of documents:

  1. A completed application form stating full details of those wishing to marry (as per the passport).
  2. A certificate of NO Impediment to Marriage for each of you from your respective embassies in the Emirates or, if resident outside the UAE, from your respective local government registrars. Please do not obtain the CNIMS more than 3 months in advance. If divorced, please provide the original divorce certificate.
  3. Baptism certificates or pastor’s letter – at least one of you needs to have been baptized.
  4. A clear copy of your passports (including visa page if you are resident within the UAE)
  5. One passport photograph of each person.
  6. If you are resident outside the area of the chaplaincy we require a letter from your local church stating that you have completed such marriage preparation as that church provides (or evidence that you have completed some other pre-wedding course)
  7. Fees: Dhs: 2,800/- for UAE residents for conducting wedding during week days from Sunday to Thursday; and Dhs: 3,450/-.for non-residents. Please download Application for Marriage, fill it in and return to us as soon as possible to confirm the wedding date. Chaplain has to have seen the papers and agreed to perform the ceremony. This should be at least two weeks before the wedding. Completion of the documentation does not guarantee that we will agree to conduct the wedding. All other arrangements you may make should be considered as provisional until the chaplain has formally agreement to conduct the wedding. As well as the essential documentation, we enclose some other information that we hope will be helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.
    Download Link: Application for Marriage