The Resource centre provides you with all the reading material you require. The centre is open to serve you and all the Christian Community in Dubai.

Worship Halls: Halls are made available to 120 groups from different nationalities to worship in their own language and mother tongue.

Our Timings

Call us @ 04 04 3359623

New Arrivals: Visit us to experience the New Arrivals and available Stocks.

Our Timings

Resource Centre / Book Room

Monday:      Closed

Tuesday:      2.00 PM -9.00 PM

Wednesday:      2.00 PM -9.00 PM

Thursday:      2.00 PM -9.00 PM

Friday:      9.00 AM -9.00 PM

Saturday:      2.00 PM -9.00 PM

Sunday:      2.00 PM -9.00 PM