Guest Congregations

Holy Trinity Church is built on land generously given by the rulers of the UAE as a result of dialogue with early Protestant Christians here. The cordial relationships between Christians and the rulers continue to this day.

As part of our ministry we use this land to provide a home for over a hundred guest congregations, made up of expatriate Christians from all around the world who worship God in many tongues, styles of devotion and expressions of faith on the premises and in the facilities we share with them.

The pastors and elders of these congregations work in partnership and unity with us, and the collective body of Christians who worship at Holy Trinity amounts to some 30,000 or more people.

We are currently trying to strengthen and develop the relationship between Holy Trinity and the Guest Congregations so as to further realise the potential in our diversity, lift one another up, support common causes and increase awareness of how important this place is to the large number of Protestant Christians who live in Dubai.


ENGLISH Day Time Location Telephone
Holy Trinity Church Friday 9.30am Main Church 04-3370247
Holy Trinity Church Sunday 8.00am Main Church 04-3370247
Holy Trinity Church Sunday 7.30pm Main Church 04-3370247
Adonai Ministries Sunday 8.00pm St. John’s Chapel (F1) 050-7953929
Amazing Grace Tuesday 7.30pm St. George’s Chapel (B8) 050-4568830
Bethel Ministries Friday 7.30pm St. George’s Chapel (B8) 055-1137011
Church of the Living Word Thursday 8.15pm St. James’ Chapel (F2) 056-1752910
Community Church Ministries Thursday 7.30pm St. George’s Chapel (B8) 050-6625201
DCC Firm Foundation Thursday 7.30pm St. Paul’s Chapel 050-7057605
DKM  Christian Church Tuesday 8.00pm St. Mary’s Chapel (C3) 050-3426615
Grace Ministries International Saturday 5.00pm St. George’s Chapel (B8) 050-4220251
Good News International Wednesday 8.00pm St. Luke’s Chapel (D1) 050-4757134
Harvesters International Friday 6.30pm St. Philip’s Chapel (E4) 050-4512410
Mountain of Fire & Miracle Ministries Friday 9.15am St. Mark’s Chapel 050-7708319
New Covenant Church Friday 8.30am St. Peter’s Chapel (E3) 050-7844845
Saving Grace Global Ministries Sunday 7.30pm Half St. Paul’s Chapel (E2) 050-3622984
Seventh Day Adventist Saturday 8.30am St. Paul’s Chapel (E0) 052-5407111
United Evangelical Fellowship Friday 10.30am St. Thomas Chapel (B5) 050-4542928
Victory Walkers Wednesday 8.00pm St. Andrew’s Chapel (B2) 050-6328326
Word & Power Assembly Saturday 3.00pm St. Paul’s Chapel (E1) 050-7941759
Y.M.C.A – Dubai Saturday 8.00pm St. Matthias’s Chapel (C5) 050-6244809


MALAYALAM Day Time Location Telephone
Bethany Pentecostal Church Friday 6.15pm St. Matthias’s Chapel (C5) 050-5761307
Bethel Brethren Assembly Sunday 8.30pm St. Georges’s Chapel (B8) 050-5520030
Bethel IPC Friday 6.30am St. John’s Chapel (F1) 050-4559546
Brethren Assembly, Dubai Sunday 7.00pm St. Luke’s Chapel (D1) 055-2997677
Bridal Mission of Jesus Friday 3.30pm St. Michael’s Chapel (B3) 055-9198554
C.S.I Malayalam Friday 11.00am St. Paul’s Chapel (E0) 050-5860027
C.S.I South Kerala Diocese Thursday 8.30pm Main Church 050-9398141
Church of God in Jesus Christ, Dubai Friday 3.30pm St. Thomas’ Chapel (B5) 050-5643035
Christian Fellowship Church, Dubai Tuesday 8.00pm St. Andrew’s Chapel (B2) 050-5341239
Church of God F.G, Dubai Friday 6.00pm St, Bartholomew’s Chapel (B1) 052-9491009
Church of God F.G, India Friday 12.00pm St. Stephen’s Chapel (B4) 050-8745495
Christ Followers Church Wednesday 8.15pm St. Nicholas Chapel (D2) 050-5341239
Deira Brethren Assembly Sunday 8.00pm St. Martin’s Chapel (C1) 050-7258400
Dubai Pentecostal Church Friday 5.15pm St. Stephen’s Chapel (B4) 055-4405453
Dubai Prayer Fellowship Saturday 8.00pm St. Andrew’s Chapel (B3) 050-6951904
Ebenezer Church of God Friday 11.15am St. Matthias’s Chapel (C5) 05-4253502
Emirates Christian Church Saturday 8.00pm St. John’s Chapel (F1) 055-9664076
Emirates Pentecostal Friday 11.30am St. Jude’s Chapel (F3) 050-6529671
Eph-Phatha F.G Church Friday 12.45pm St. Thomas’ Chapel (B5) 055-3005949
Christ Followers Church Wednesday 8.15pm St. Nicholas Chapel (D2) 050-2015811
Friday Fasting Prayer Friday 1.15pm St. Bartholomew’s Chapel (B1) 050-6561320
Gilgal Pentecostal Church Friday 6.45pm St. Michael’s Chapel (B3) 055-7977914
Gigal Fellowship Friday 1.15pm St. Michael’s Chapel (B3) 050-6986254
Gospel Mission Friday 1.00pm St. Matthew’s Chapel (C4) 050-6361541
Inter Denominational C. F, Dubai Saturday 8.00pm Half St. Paul’s Chapel (E2) 050-3547094
I.D.C.F – India Saturday 8.00pm St. Martin’s Chapel (C1) 055-1457626
Immanuel Assembly of God Friday 1.15pm St. Nicholas Chapel (D2) 050-5031647
IPC Immanuel Friday 6.30am St. Jude’s Chapel (F3) 050-6944732
IPC Prayer Centre Friday 7.30am St. Martin’s Chapel (C1) 050-2229984
IPC Beersheba Friday 7.30pm St. Thomas Chapel (B5) 056-9479461
IPC Carmel Friday 5.30pm St. James’ Chapel (F2) 050-6783845
IPC Ebenezer Friday 5.30pm St. Nicholas’ Chapel (D2) 050-5246046
IPC Hebron Friday 7.00pm St. Mark’s Chapel (C2) 050-5455673
IPC Philadelphia Friday 6.15pm St. John’s Chapel (F1) 050-7981855
IPC Salem Friday 12.30pm St. John’s Chapel (F1) 050-6569380
Logos Christian Fellowship Friday 3.30pm St. Bartholomew’s Chapel (B1) 050-5594779
Marthoma Parish Saturday 7:30am Main Church 050-5521899
Maranatha Full Gospel church Friday 1.15pm St. Peter’s Chapel (E3) 050-4651444
New India Church of God, Bethel Friday 3.30pm St. Stephen’s Chapel (B4) 050-6943015
New Testament Church Friday 1.30pm St. Paul’s Chapel (E0) 055-3322314
Penial Assembly of God Friday 3.30pm St. Matthew’s Chapel (C4) 050-8498997
Pentecostal Revival Church, Dubai Friday 7.45am St. Andrew’s Chapel (B2) 055-2585677
South India Assembly of God, Bethel Friday 10.45am St. Martin’s Chapel (C1) 052-1357522
Satwa Pentecostal Church of God Friday 11.45am St. Mark’s Chapel (C2) 050-9226175
Shalem Assembly of God Friday 1.30pm St. Philip’s Chapel (E4) 050-3523132
Sharon Fellowship Friday 9.45am St. George’s Chapel (B8) 052-8176001
St. Thomas Evangelical Church Friday 5.30pm Main Church 056-6590659
St. George’s Knanya Worship Congn. Saturday 7.00pm Half St. Paul’s Chapel (E1) 050-5648075
Suvartha Church Friday 5.30pm St. Martin’s Chapel (C1) 055-8865921
Tabernacle Full Gospel Church Friday 2.45pm St. Jude’s Chapel (F3) 050-6419606
The Christian Assembly, Dubai Sunday 8.00pm St. Nicholas Chapel (D2) 050-4501057
Vineyard Pentecostal Church Sunday 8.30pm St. Mary’s Chapel (C3) 05-6316405

Indian Regional

HINDI Day Time Location Telephone
Christian Church Sunday 8.00pm St. James’ Chapel (F2) 056-2163200
Emirates Christian Hindi Fellowship Friday 10.30am St. Philip’s Chapel (E4) 050-5458011
KANNADA Day Time Location
New Life Fellowship Friday 6.45am St. Nicholas’ Chapel (D2) 050-5368437
Unity Kannada Church Friday 6.30am Main Church 050-8685113
KONKANI Day Time Location
K.R.C – Konkani Wednesday 8.00pm St. Jude’s Chapel (F3) 050-6757300
MARATHI Day Time Location
Bethel Marathi Church Friday 6.15pm St. Jude’s Chapel (F3) 050-4357528
TAMIL Day Time Location
C.S.I Tamil Friday 6.30am St. Paul’s Chapel 050-5533645
Harvesters International Friday 3.30pm St. Peter’s Chapel (E3) 050-4512410
Good News International Friday 8.30am St. Michael’s Chapel (B3) 050-4757134
New Testament Church Friday 1.30pm St. Paul’s Chapel (E0) 055-3322314
Tamil Full Gospel church Friday 5.00pm ST. Paul’s Chapel (E0) 050-6588091
New Jerusalem Church Thursday 8.00pm St. Matthew’s Chapel (C4) 050-4572036
TELUGU Day Time Location
C.S.I Telugu Friday 4.00pm St. John’s Chapel (F1) 050-5533645
Andhra Christian Karama Church Friday 4.00pm St. Luke’s Chapel (D1) 055-6363235
Berachah Assembly Friday 9.45am St. John’s Chapel (F1) 050-4733242
Bethel Telugu Brethren Assembly Friday 3.45pm St. Mary’s Chapel (C3) 050-3699579
Dubai Church of Christ Sunday 9.15pm St. Bartholomew’s Chapel (B1) 050-7647865
Inter Denominational C. F, Dubai Friday 4.00pm St. Philip’s Chapel (E4) 050-3547094
St. John’s Telugu Church Friday 7.30am St. Luke’s Chapel (D1) 050-3433010
Telugu Christian Assembly Friday 3.15pm St. Andrew’s Chapel (B2) 055-5388309
Telugu Evangelical Church Friday 6.00pm St. Andrew’s Chapel (B2) 050-6529686


ARABIC/COPTIC Day Time Location Telephone
Coptic Orthodox Church Friday 7.30am Coptic Church – half 2nd floor 056-6451266
Coptic Orthodox Church Saturday 7.30am Coptic Church – half 2nd floor 056-6451266
Coptic Orthodox Church Sunday 5.00am Coptic Church – half 2nd floor 056-6451266
K.R.C – Arabic Mon 8.00pm St. Luke’s Chapel (D1) 055-1043364
AMHARIC Day Time Location
Living waters United Evangelical Church Saturday 7.00pm St. Philip’s Chapel (E4) 050-5728986
Sealite Meheret St. Mary’s Ch Ethiopian Monday 7.30pm Main Church 055-6122952
St. Michael Ethiopian Orthodox Thursday 8.45pm St. Jude’s Chapel (F3) 055-7723883
BURMESE Day Time Location
Myannmaar Christian Church Monday 8:00pm Half St. Peter’s Chapel (E3a) 050-3659378
TIGRIGNA Day Time Location
Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church Friday 6.00am St. Peter’s Chapel (E3) 055-2185708
Selihom Tigrigna Church, Dubai Friday 9.00pm St. Peter’s Chapel (E3) 055-6386126
Christ Apostolic Church, Agbala Sunday 7.00am St. Michael’s (B3) 055-8066072
CHINESE – Mandarin Day Time Location
Dubai Chinese Gospel Church Friday 3.45pm St. Martin’s Chapel (C1) 052-8449007
FRENCH Day Time Location
Dubai City Church- Firm Foundation Saturday 10.00AM St. Luke’s Chapel (D1) 050-7057605
KOREAN Day Time Location
Dubai Korean Church Sunday 7:00pm Korean Church 2nd floor 050-8448190
RUSSIAN Day Time Location
Dubai City Church- Firm Foundation Thursday 7.30pm St. Paul’s Chapel 050-7057605
SINHALA Day Time Location
Calvary International Ministries Friday 6.15am St. Michael’s Chapel (B3) 050-8936047
K.R.C – Singhalese Monday 8.00pm St. James’ Chapel (F2) 050-6449974
Grace Ministries International Friday 7.00am St. James’ Chapel (F2) 050-4220251
All Nations Full Gospel Ministry Tuesday 8.00pm St. Martin’s Chapel (C1) 056-2535767
Bible Baptist Church Sunday 8.00pm St. Jude’s Chapel (F3) 050-6457131
Bethany Bible Baptist Church Monday 8.30pm St. Thomas Chapel (B5) 056-5215100
Grace Covenant Church Friday 1.15pm St. Luke’s Chapel (D1) 050-7643110
Grace Covenant Church Friday 1.15pm St. Luke’s Chapel (D1) 050-7643110
UPCI Gulf states Wednesday 7.30pm St. James’ Chapel (F2) 056-4943819
Pentecostal Church of Living God Friday 1.15pm St. George’s Chapel (B8) 050-7993750
Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church Tuesday 8.45pm St. Bartholomew’s Chapel (B1) 056-2259875
Evangelical Church, Dubai Friday 11.00am St. Bartholomew’s Chapel (B1) 050-4559372
Unified Faith Christian Ministry Friday 9.15am St. James’ Chapel (F2) 050-6558094
Victory Christian Fellowship Friday 8.30pm St. Paul’s Chapel (E0) 050-6559639
Word International Ministries Friday 6.30pm Half St. Peter’s Chapel (E3a) 050-7878175
URDU Day Time Location
Church of Pakistan Friday 12.00nn Main Church 056-4020971
Dubai Gospel Assembly Friday 2.00pm St. Andrew’s Chapel (B2) 056-8624582
K.R.C – Pakistanis Tuesday 7.15pm St. Jude’s Chapel (F3) 050-4795564
New Apostolic Church Friday 11.00am St. Luke’s Chapel (D1) 050-6364173
New Covenant Church Friday 4.45pm St. Mark’s Chapel (C2) 050-7844845
Universal Gospel Assembly Sunday 8.30pm St. Philip’s Chapel (E4) 050-7963704