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Introduction to Local Church Committee (LCC)

The Local Church Committee (LCC) is the group within the church that takes responsibility for all aspects of daily functioning of the church. LCC operates under the umbrella of the Chaplaincy Council, which has overall responsibility of the churches across the Chaplaincy. The chairman of the LCC is the Senior Chaplain.

Who are LCC members?

LCC members are members of the church congregation, who volunteer to be on the LCC, who are committed to the vision of Holy Trinity Church.

 What does LCC do?

LCC exists to support the church Chaplains and to work with them and the church staff to take care of the church compound, organize various events within the church calendar, manage the church funds, engages in pastoral work including visiting to hospitals, prisons and labour camps.

There are number of committees that are formed under the LCC which under takes the above-mentioned tasks. The LCC members are assigned to these committees, and they ensure the tasks within assigned to those committees are carried out as per the vision of the church.

Often LCC members look for additional volunteers from within the congregation to work along with them in tasks that require additional support.

How LCC members are selected?

The LCC members serve the LCC for one year, and every year new members are selected. The selected members can be a new member from the church congregation or one who continue from the previous year.  Members are usually proposed by other church members, and approved by the parish priest. If anyone from the parish would like to become involved with the LCC do get in touch with the parish priest.

The following are the current Local Church Committee (LCC) Members. You are free to contact anyone of them below.

Rev. Harrison:

HTC – LCC Members

Catherine Geskes :

Harold Porter:

James Christy Watson:

John Thomas:

Rachel Mukucha:

Samuel Iheanyi Godwin:

Council Members:

Edwin Enodiana:

Matthew Joseph:

Merwin Victor:

Richard Pearl:

Sarala David:

Church Administration

Johnson George:

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