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  • Lent – A Period of Grace

    Lent is about a journey that we take with Jesus, and that which ends with Jesus. What makes this journey more interesting is that it is filled with God’s Grace.

    Grace is a favour which is bestowed upon us. It cannot be earned. We live in a period of grace which will come to an end. This grace that we received through Jesus Christ is necessary and is also more than sufficient for us to be corrected and mentored by Him.

    We however, misunderstand this grace sometimes. We say that we can do whatever we want to do because it is the period of grace. The belief that since Christ died for our sins we are free to ‘sin it up’ is not correct. In fact, it was our sins that put Jesus on the cross. He did not die on the cross and save us so that we can sin freely. He died so that we have freedom from sin, and not freedom to sin. And when we continue sinning, we are ridiculing Christ’s sufferings on Cross.

    Grace is not only given for our salvation but also for our daily walk with God. That means Jesus is willing to walk with us in this journey of faith. For Jesus himself said, “apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15:5). Journeying with Him is not arduous as some think but is indeed the most joyous experience one can of think in this world.

    May the dear Lord grant us this grace of knowing Him more and walking with Him every day!

    God bless!