Guest Congregations

Holy Trinity Church is built on land generously given by the rulers of the UAE as a result of dialogue with early Protestant Christians here. The cordial relationships between Christians and the rulers continue to this day. 

As part of our ministry we use of this land to provide a home for over a hundred guest congregations, made up of expatriate Christians from all around the world who worship God in many tongues, styles of devotion and expressions of faith in the premises and facilities we share with them. 

The Pastors and Elders of these congregations work in partnership and unity with us, and the collective body of Christians who worship at Holy Trinity amounts to some 30,000 or more people.

We are currently trying to strengthen and develop the relationship between Holy Trinity and the Guest Congregations so as to further realise the potential in our diversity, lift one another up, support common causes and increase awareness of how important this place is to the large number of Protestant Christians who live in Dubai.

For details of Guest Congregation Services, please select the following links :