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    Baptism of Jesus
    Whom do we want to identify? I read recently an article on a topic �?How to identify with influential people?’ The author strongly argues that in order to be successful one needs to identify with the influential. He feels that in order to be recognized of one’s achievements he/she needs to be with the right people.
    We also are very careful in choosing our own friends. We find ourselves in the safe haven with our friends as there is no threat involved with them. No one wants the friendship turns to be hazardous and yields into difficulties and complications.
    But in Jesus’ baptism, we see Jesus deliberately taking steps to identify with common people that too sinners. It was not arranged as a special event. While John was baptising people, Jesus emerged in the scene and wanted John to baptise him as well. It is a conscious step on the part of Jesus to identify with ordinary simple flocks. Further for the people whom he came to serve tortured him and put him to death on the cross.
    Jesus perfectly identified with us so that we can identify with him. At every point in his life on earth, he gave enough indication that he was truly part of humanity. At his baptism he reiterated once again that he is no stranger to us. Since he has taken all that is possible to associate with us, that too for our own benefit, the question is what have we done to identify him? As he has crossed all the hurdles to come to us, don’t we do the same to go to him? May the dear Lord help us to draw closer to him! God bless!