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    Fruit of the Spirit

    Lenten season is a time for self-examining and evaluating. Am I fulfilling the purpose in which God blessed me with His grace? Am I growing in the Christian discipline? Am I yielding the Fruit of the Spirit?

    In Galatians 5 Paul discusses about the Fruit of the Spirit. Though he mentions nine fruits, (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control) he refers to them as “fruit”, singular. It seems to me that it is a single “Fruit” with different flavors.  It is like a diamond which can be viewed at different angles and in different lights. Every angle and turn reveals additional beauty of the magnificent stone.

    What we need to understand is that the fruit comes out of life. Of course, a fruit grows out of a tree. We are not talking about packed tinned fruits produced in factories, but about real fruits which grow on trees connected by the root to the ground. The ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ is a reflection of God’s character. The connection with our beloved Lord (our tree) is crucial in bringing forth the fruit. C.S. Lewis says, “God was so pleased with Jesus that he wants to populate the world with replicas”.

    When we see a new construction site it looks like a place that has been bombed. But the same place becomes an attractive location when it’s finished, when the construction is complete.  The same applies with the Fruit of the Spirit.  When you give yourself to the Holy Spirit, He takes hold of your life and changes it into a beautiful life. Of course, we have nothing to offer, we are just like the rubbles.  But He is the architect of your life, He sees the bigger picture of your life. All you must do is submit and yield yourself to him.

    Note that you are being shaped to the likeness of God. But how do you know? The evidence is noted by the presence the ‘Fruit of Spirit’ in you.

    May God help us so that we give ourselves fully to the Holy Spirit for Him to shape us!

    God bless you all!

    Rev. Harrison Chinnakumar