Bible Study

  • Bible Study

    Every Tuesday, the church runs a bible study at the Chaplaincy House. The study starts at 7.30 pm and ends at 8.30 pm. During this season, we are meditating on the couples of the Old Testament. In this study we want to look into the background, explore the challenges of their time, study how they handled situations and application of the same for our current life. It’s more of an interactive study and the chaplain speaks for about ten minutes explaining the passage and facilitates the discussion. In order to further dig into the scriptures he comes up with relevant questions. We follow a group study method and every single participant contributes towards the study.  The format of the study is:

    a. Praise and worship, b. ice breaking session and questions related to the topic of the day, c. reading of the scripture and prayer, d. explanation of the passage (done by the chaplain), e. questions from the passage/topic, f. prayer and benediction, g. refreshments.

    Do join us for this week’s bible study as we meditate on the couple Esther and Xerxes (The book of Esther).

    In the weeks to follow we will be discussing on the following couples:

    Jacob and Rachel, Felix and Drusilla, Moses and Zipporah

    All are Welcome.