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    Fellowship Group meet every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month after Friday service.

    Pathfinders (13-21yrs) meet after Friday service in the Chaplaincy flat from 10:45am.

    Junior Church (12yrs and below) meet every Friday after service at St. Peter’s Chapel (E3) from 10:45am

    Ladies Fellowship meet every Wednesday at the GSH at 9:30am.

    Bible Study will be held on Tuesday, the 27th March at the Chaplaincy House at 7.30pm.

    A Training retreat for Pathfinder volunteers will be conducted by Emirates Youth Unlimited, on 23rd March from 12.00 noon to 5pm at the Chaplaincy flat. All those interested in teen ministry, are welcome to attend.

    The AGM 2018 of the Chaplaincy of Dubai and Sharjah will be held tomorrow Saturday, the 24th March at 7.00pm at Christ Church, Jebel Ali. All are invited to attend.

    Liturgical Rota 23rd & 25th March 2018


    FRIDAY 9:30am SUNDAY 8:00am SUNDAY 7:30pm
    OFFICIANT Rev. Harrison Rev. Harrison Rev. Harrison
    PREACHER Rev. Harrison Rev. Harrison Rev. Harrison

    PSALM Arthur Tbc
    EPISTLE READING Rhoda Vijaya Tbc
    INTERCESSIONS Rosita Francis Rev. Harrison Rev. Harrison
    COLLECTION Sachin & Merwin William Bradbury
    CHALICE BEARERS Sunanda & Catherine J. Thomas & C. Patrick
    SIDES PERSONS Pathfinders Simon Peter John Manohar
    FELLOWSHIP REFRESHMENTS Shanthi & Abisha Selvarani